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Experienced technical translators, editors and proofreaders, multilingual native translators, technical consultants working at TRANSERCOM technical translation centre are dedicated to deliver quality translations that meets your expectations, accordingly, we adhere to the Translation Service Quality Standard EN15038.


Most often, you may need interpretation services during business meetings, formal business dinners or negotiations with foreign partners, as well as during training, seminars, and trips. Interpreters have a good command of professional foreign language and good knowledge of various aspects of the translated language, they comply with business etiquette and protocol requirements. When making use of this service, customers should be aware that in order to deliver the highest quality of service, the interpreter should have adequate preparation time and be furnished with relevant information, therefore interpretation should be booked as early as possible.


No matter what business you are in, increasingly often you experience the need for translation services in your daily work! We are here to serve as A RELIABLE, HIGH-QUALITY TRANSLATION SERVICE!

Legal;Trade;Marketing;Engineering (electrical engineering, radio engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering);Construction, civil engineering;Drawings;Manufacture;Automotive, heavy equipment;Computers;Software, telecommunications;Medical; IT (information technology) and other areas.

Depending on the purpose for translated documents, TRANSERCOMAS translation centre offers you the following translation options:

Translation without editing – the most cost-effective and quickest translation by one translator most often used only to understand the substance of the text, and recommended for the company's internal use.

Translation and editing – higher quality translation, when the text is translated by translator and then reviewed and edited by another translator with editorial skills. Recommended for all official documents used in public domain.

Translation with proofreading – this is the highest quality of translation. The text is translated, then edited and revised, lastly the work is reviewed by an additional editor (usually a native speaker of the target language). This is recommended for documents requiring extremely high quality translation and accuracy.

Text formatting:

Localization is the process when a certain product or software is adjusted to the specific linguistic characteristics of the region. This process involves not only the translation and comprehensive software application for the target region, but also the adaptation of time, date formats, units of measurement etc. To achieve this, a detailed assessment of the localization potential is carried out and special software and translation memory programs are allowed to produce high-quality translation, save time and reduce costs.


Lokalizavimas – tai procesas, kai tam tikras produktas ar programinė įranga yra pritaikoma pagal konkretaus regiono kalbinius ypatumus. Šis procesas apima ne tik vertimą bei visapusišką programinės įrangos pritaikymą tiksliniam regionui, bet ir konkrečiai kalbai taikomų laiko, datos formatų, matavimo vienetų pritaikymą. Šiam tikslui pasiekti atliekamas išsamus lokalizavimo galimybių įvertinimas bei naudojama speciali programinė įranga ir vertimo atminties programos, kurios leidžia atlikti aukštos kokybės vertimą, sutaupyti laiką bei sumažinti išlaidas.

Translation of drawings:

We translate a wide range of technical drawings to one or more foreign languages. CAD translation is a difficult task requiring impeccable knowledge and the field and linguistic competence, professionalism in the specific field of engineering and extensive experience of working with CAD. We translate your CAD drawings using software that supports the CAD format or just upload the translated text in drawings.

Translated text layout and printing:

We all know the saying: Time is money! To save you time and money, in addition to text translation services, we offer layout and printing services of texts translated in our translation centre. This service will be useful to you if you are going to release a new promotional brochure, catalogue, or operation manual: we will edit the texts, prepare their layout for publishing, discuss with you the requirements for the publication format, paper, colours, print run and deadlines, and will be pleased to deliver it directly to your company!

Quality is important to us, therefore the we have chosen well-known printing services company INSPE operating in Lithuania for 20 years for our layout and printing tasks. We are proud to offer you these services!

Approval of translations with translation office or notary stamp:

Approval of translation is the statement that the translation was made in the translation agency and the translator is aware of legal responsibility for incorrectly translated document. To notarise the document, you must furnish us with THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENT.